The average LearnUp student learns to read in 3 months.

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LearnUp is a structured literacy, evidence-based program.

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LearnUp teaches reading by actually reading books.

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The LearnUp Difference

LearnUp Centers teaches struggling readers, with or without a diagnosis of dyslexia, to read at grade level and beyond. In about 1/2 the time of most other programs.

Structured literacy

We use structured phonics with proprietary chapter books to systematically teach kids to read.

Blended curriculum

We combine the best methodologies from nationally-recognized reading programs with the latest brain research.

Hands-on and experiential

It’s tactile, it’s fun, and almost ½ of every session is spent actually reading books.

One-on-one tutoring

Focused sessions with highly-trained, energetic tutors give your kids the skills and confidence to read.

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LearnUp is now tutoring online.

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Online Trainings

Kindergarten Bootcamp
How to teach Kindergartners to read

Learn all the structured literacy skills you need to teach a 5-year old to read and get ready for any 1st-grade reading program

Live course will launch at the end of October
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Steve Tattum designed the Kindergarten Bootcamp for teachers and homeschooling parents!
Studies indicate that the best preparation for first-grade reading is when the student can spell and read two to three-letter words. This requires that the child know at least his/her consonants and short vowels, and can say each sound while simultaneously spelling and blending the sounds for reading.

The Kindergarten Bootcamp is for parents and teachers who want a program that includes the systematic introduction of sounds for use in spelling and reading. This program includes the essentials for success from all first-grade reading programs. It also teaches a partial phonetic code!

By the end of kindergarten, every student will be able to spell and read cvc words and read between 30-50 words per minute.
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Online Trainings

The Magnificent 7: How to Provide Effective Reading Support in all Classrooms A Reading Workshop for Teacher Assistants & Volunteers

Live course launches on end of October
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Wednesday Webinars

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"I like it because it makes me happy. I can read bigger words. And can read by myself."

— LearnUp student

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LearnUp provides FREE reading assessments.

It’s the fastest way to find out if your child needs help.

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About LearnUp

LearnUp is a nonprofit literacy center based in San Francisco and Marin on a mission to teach all levels and types of learners to read.

One-for-one scholarships

We believe that everyone deserves the gift of reading, regardless of income. So, as a nonprofit, we raise funds to provide scholarships to readers in need.

Proven curriculum

Created by Steve Tattum, LearnUp’s reading director, our curriculum has a 20+-year track record of success in teaching kids with learning differences to read.

Highly-trained tutors

Learning to read is hard work. We invest in rigorous training to make make sure our tutors have the pedagogy and personality to teach and motivate your kids to read.

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AMAZING reading program!!!

— Tatiana O'Donoghue, LearnUp parent

Reading changes lives

Help LearnUp provide scholarships to deserving students and make a gift that lasts a lifetime.