Teach reading. Change lives.

Teaching reading is a great part-time job for students of all majors and backgrounds. And it pays very well!
Change kids’ lives by teaching them to read, spell, and write. We train qualified candidates to teach our reading program. You will learn how to teach reading directly from Steve Tattum, the founder of our reading program.
Tutor Qualifications.

Have linguistic gifts (be able to say your alphabet sounds/phonics cleanly)
-- Can mirror a teaching session (we give you a short lesson and you have to teach it back to us!)
-- Good with kids (strong youth development history such as babysitting, youth groups, etc)
-- Reliable (be available at the same time, five days per week)

We train qualified LearnUp tutors ($2,000 value) in our reading program and provided a stipend for tutors who successfully complete the training and transition to working with LearnUp students.

Determine your hours and availability.

Tutors are expected to be available daily at the same time to meet with their students. For instance, M-F from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. We do have students interested in all hours of the day. The busiest times for tutoring are after-school between 3:00 and 6:00 pm. Keep in mind that we tutor throughout the United States, so 3:00 pm on the east coast is 12:00 pm on the west coast. We cannot work with tutors who are unable to commit to a consistent set of days and times.

We are particularly interested in candidates who:
-- are undergrads looking for a part-time, high paying job
-- are educators and paraprofessionals
-- can commit to daily tutoring (five days per week)
-- have youth development backgrounds (babysitting, youth groups, etc.)
-- are well organized
-- are comfortable with online learning
-- are super reliable
Surprisingly, your education level doesn't matter
Your major or educational background does not matter; many of our tutors are science majors, most are undergrads. It is important that you can meet the top four tutor qualifications: linguistically gifted, can learn to teach the program, good with kids, super reliable.

Job Type: Part-time, Contract

Starting Hourly per Session: $20.00 /hour (while training, increases quickly with experience)
2. Send us your resume & cover letter
In the cover letter please explain why you would make a great LearnUp tutor and respond to the following questions:
-- Are you willing to undergo a background check, in accordance with local law/regulations?
-- Are you able to tutor five days a week (Monday - Friday)?
-- What hours are you available (include your time zone, we work off of Pacific Time, but you can Zoom in from any time zone)
-- How is your previous experience relevant to this role?

Send to:

“LearnUp centers is amazing… my son ended the program seven weeks later at a 4th-grade level where he should be but more importantly with a love of reading.”

— Mary Flynn, LearnUp parent