Teach reading. Change lives.

Become a LearnUp tutor
We hire and train individuals, especially college undergraduates, to teach our reading program.  

The Details
Part time position in San Francisco competitive wage flexible scheduling
10 - 15 hours a week or more
Mandatory 60-hour training with stipend
Ongoing professional development

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What we’re looking for: linguistic strengths
We screen for three main strengths in our tutors: a linguistic gift, an ability to learn, mirror, and teach a reading lesson, and possession of key characteristics of an effective educator and mentor.  

Superior training
All our tutors must attend a sixty-hour training program that teaches the theory of reading and the practical skills of teaching our program. During the first week of training, our tutors learn reading theory and how our program aligns to reading development and the neuroscience of dyslexia and other reading issues. You also learn the practical nuts and bolts of delivering our curriculum to struggling readers. In the second week, our tutors in training put it all together through hands-on practicums.

Ongoing professional development
We continue to offer professional development and regular mentoring. Steve Tattum, our reading director, observes sessions and mentors and provides personal guidance on how to be a better teacher.

Send us your résumé and cover letter

“LearnUp centers is amazing… my son ended the program seven weeks later at a 4th-grade level where he should be but more importantly with a love of reading.”

— Mary Flynn, LearnUp parent