The Magnificent 7: How to Provide Effective Reading Support in all Classrooms

A Reading Workshop for Volunteers and Assistants

November 9-12, 2020
One hour a day over four days

Don't go into the classroom empty handed. Learn everything you need to know to be a volunteer in a reading classroom.

The Magnificent 7 are the seven literacy and reading skills you need to support a struggling reader in any classroom.
  • Learn how to support any kid who needs assistance in reading.
  • Learn how to teach consonants and short vowel sounds & advanced phonemic awareness.
  • Learn effective fluency techniques.
  • Learn how to use the Pressure Release technique for reading out loud
  • Get access to curriculum, procedures, lessons and digital books and handouts
  • Get the skills you need to help support reading, comprehension and fluency of all students
Included in the course
  • 4 Hours of live meetings
  • Digital versions of chapter books and handouts that can be used in the classroom

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Live class: November 9-12, 2020 Available as a self-directed course launching in early November.

The course is presented in one-hour live meetings over four days.


The Magnificent 7: How to Provide Effective Reading Support in all Classrooms
$100 per individual, includes all live meetings, access to recordings for six months
Get the skills you need to help teach a kid to read.
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*LearnUp believes that all volunteers and teaching assistants should learn the essentials of teaching reading. We believe the true value of this program is over $100. However, if you or your community has been affected by the pandemic and/or the recent economic downturn, reach out to us. We want to support you if you or your community lacks the resources to take part in this training. Contact: