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Teach Your Child to Read
Live Training & Practicum Launches in March

LearnUp's Homeschool program is the homeschool version of LearnUp's super effective reading program. Any homeschooling parent can implement it!

Designed by Steve Tattum, LearnUp's Reading Director, our online homeschool reading program training gives you all the tools you need to teach your child to read. And Steve is there with you and your child every step of the way.
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How the Program Works

During this 10 hour training, you will learn the basic reading knowledge and skills you need to support your child as they make their way through the homeschool reading program. Each reading concept and lesson is taught by Steve Tattum and his sons through humorous videos set in a Phonics Fair setting. The fair setting is used as a metaphor and visual nemonic for the student to attach and ground her learning. During each lesson, you watch the video alongside your child as the Tattum family teaches your student a new reading concept. After viewing the lesson, you follow the lesson plan and reading schedule to support your student's reading growth. Once you have finished the lesson you are ready to move on to the next one.

The program comes with all the manuals and materials you need to teach your student to read.

Week 1: Learn. Understanding the science of reading behind the homeschool reading program is as important as knowing the key reading skills to support an emerging reader. In the learning phase, you will gain a clear understanding of the science of reading behind our structured literacy/phonics program and why we teach the 6 fundamental reading components in all our reading lessons.

You will also learn the scope and sequence of the program, the schedule and structure of each lesson and lesson plan, and the procedures you will use to make sure that your child masters the reading skills and concepts. The homeschool reading program workshop is a simplified version of our full structured phonics/literacy program professional development. We don't expect you to teach the reading concepts. Instead, each concept is taught through a series of videos that you watch with your student. After watching the video, you follow the lesson plan and help your student as outlined in the schedule.

Week 2: Practice. We always learn more by doing. Implementing the program will raise questions, provide key insights, and build your confidence in the program. Spend week 2 teaching the program to your child. Come back in Week 3 to hone your skills, deepen your understanding of reading, and answer any questions that come up during the practicum.

Week 3: Deepen. During class we will continue our journey into the science of reading and mastering the core reading skills. We will also address how the homeschool reading program meets the needs and challenges of diverse learners and children living with dyslexia.

Ongoing: Do. It's time to put the program into action. If you do the program daily, before you know it, your child will be on the path to reading success.

Ongoing: Review. On Tuesdays attend live Office Hours with Steve Tattum. During Office Hours, Steve will answer questions, address common challenges, and review key skills and concepts. This is also a great time to meet with the LearnUp homeschool community.

The Homeschool Training Schedule

Week 1: Theory and Fundamental Skills of Reading Acquisition
Learn the theory and practice of reading. And learn all the fundamentals you need to be able to support your child's reading development.
Week 2: From Knowledge to Practice--a Week-Long Practicum
Turn reading theory into practice by using the program to teach your child to read.
Week 3: Hone Your Skills and Overcoming Challenges
Bring your real world experiences in teaching reading to your child back to the classroom for discussion and a deeper understanding of how the program works.
Ongoing Learning: Office Hours
Attend the live open Office Hours with Steve Tattum to answer your questions, discuss challenges, and meet with your community.
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LearnUp is about more than phonics.
It’s about reading.

LearnUp uses a multidisciplinary structured phonics curriculum with proprietary chapter books so students can practice their new reading concepts within a storybook environment. A typical lesson includes work on sounds, syllables, words, reading, comprehension, and writing in a scope and sequence that’s tailored to each reader.

Our homeschool curriculum

It’s a blend of nationally-recognized reading methods.

LearnUp integrates the best practices of Orton-Gillingham based programs, speech therapy, phonics, whole language, and recommendations from the National Reading Panel. We are not beholden to any one of these methodologies or approaches. Instead, we carefully select the best of the best to create a systematic program that accelerates reading acquisition.

It incorporates the latest brain research.

LearnUp also overlays the latest brain research into our curriculum. Research shows that stimulating the word form area of the reading brain is critical to creating fluency. While this is helpful to all emerging readers, it’s especially critical for dyslexics. Our program incorporates systematic phonics, directed reading, spelling, and repeated readings which lead to brain stimulation and reading fluency.

20+-year track record of success.

Created by Steve Tattum, LearnUp’s reading director, our reading curriculum and chapter books have been used for over 20 years by teachers, tutors, and entire school districts with remarkable outcomes.

Our homeschool reading approach

Meet students where they are.

Our homeschool reading program offers multiple entry points called ‘reading starts’ to accommodate a student’s knowledge and background. Our reading program works with them from what they already know and understand. This approach quickly puts them into the right level and on a pathway to reading success.

Lead with reading.

Many other reading programs don’t actually read. We dedicate ½ of each session to reading proprietary age- and skill-level appropriate books written by Steve Tattum our reading director.

By reading chapter books students also work on the fundamentals of comprehension (summary, inference, prediction, etc.) Daily reading allows the student’s vocabulary, syntax, and meaning to enhance student’s word attack, and reduce reversals and inverses. Daily written responses ensure that spelling and writing are applied through their reading. This approach leads to significant reading gains in less time.

Engage with accessible aligned books.

From day one, your student will be reading from a chapter book written at a skill level they can actually read—building confidence and excitement for reading. Our proprietary, phonetically-aligned reading series for elementary, middle and high-school are deliberately written to reinforce the program concepts taught during the student’s session.

Make it fun, fast, and experiential.

Hands-on learning is key to engaging reluctant and unsuccessful learners. We use a tactile, multi-sensory procedures to actively teach phonics. Our daily lessons are short and fast-paced. We live by the motto "go as fast as we can, as slow as we must" to urge students to push their reading abilities further.

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