Pricing. Everyone’s least favorite part.

We know tutoring is incredibly expensive for many families. But not reading is a far greater price to pay. So, we do our best to be fair. And to work fast. In fact, the most important cost savings is that our program simply takes less time to teach your child to read.

“LearnUp is so efficient - they get the best results while also being the least time intensive and costly. Other programs wanted our son to commit 2-3 hrs a day for several months, which would have been much more expensive and difficult to schedule.”

— Russell H., LearnUp parent

6 things you need to know:

  1. Fundamental research on reading acquisition shows that frequency and intensity are key to learning how to read.
  2. Our program and pricing is based upon one hour of tutoring, five days a week. This is the fastest and most effective approach.
  3. Our 5-day a week tutoring rate is $110/session, with incremental increases for fewer days. Price includes all tutoring and assessments. There is a small additional fee for books and materials.
  4. A recent marketing study showed that our tutoring sessions were about 25% below the cost of similar reading clinics in the Bay Area.
  5. Our tuition reflects the costs of managing a nonprofit in the Bay Area, our commitment to pay our tutors a living wage, and the incredible value our reading program brings to students and families.
  6. LearnUp continues to raise philanthropic donations to provide financial support to families who would not otherwise be able to enroll in our reading programs.
  7. Apply for financial aid.