One-Week Summer Reading Sprints

 Summer is a great time to learn new reading skills, solidify gains, or deepen reading and comprehension skills. Like our school year sessions, summer programs are designed to meet your child where they are and move their reading forward quickly. 

We have created a summer tutoring calendar to match the hustle and bustle of summer schedules. In what we are calling One Week Reading Sprints, each week is a self-contained program allowing families to sign-up week by week and at times that fit their child's availability. All the summer reading sessions will be conducted over Zoom, which also means you can continue tutoring regardless of your summer location. 

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Now Tutoring Online

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, LearnUp has moved all of its tutoring to remote-based video conferences. Other than adapting our program to the online world, not much else has changed. It is the same great program taught by awesome tutors to the highest standards.

Structured literacy

Our virtual sessions use the same structured phonics with proprietary chapter books to systematically teach kids to read.

Blended curriculum

We combine the best methodologies from nationally-recognized reading programs with the latest brain research. Now adapted to virtual learning.

Experiential and interactive

Our video conferencing sessions are interactive, fun, and almost ½ of every session is spent actually reading books.

One-on-one tutoring

Focused sessions with highly-trained, energetic tutors give your kids the skills and confidence to read.

Same Great Outcomes

LearnUp Centers teaches struggling readers, with or without a diagnosis of dyslexia, to
read at grade level and beyond. In about 1/2 the time of most other programs.

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