Online Reading Assessment

LearnUp Now Offers Virtual Reading Assessments

And they’re FREE.

All of LearnUp's tutoring is now remote learning through online video conferencing. Our proprietary assessment process is virtual, too.

Here's how it works:

1. Sign up for a virtual reading assessment below. We will contact you to explain the process to you.
2. Next, LearnUp will send you digital handouts and instructions for conducting and recording the reading assessments.
3. After you have recorded the assessments and uploaded the video to a secure online storage drive (Google Drive, iCloud, Box, etc.), send us a link to the recording files.
4. LearnUp review the recordings and send you a summary of our observations of your child's reading, along with  recommendations on whether or not you child needs reading support. We understand that not all low-level readers need the type of tutoring LearnUp offers ,so we will be the first to tell you if your student doesn’t need tutoring in reading.

If you child does need reading support, LearnUp will outline a customized reading program including individualized reading goals for your child.

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