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In just 3 months of tutoring, the average LearnUp student makes impressive reading gains.

Increase word fluency by more than 50%

Gain over 44 words per minute in fluency

Jump 2.0 grade levels in reading

Our assessment methods

While parent, student, and teacher testimonials are incredibly powerful, we also use multiple assessment methods to measure the true impact of the program on our students.

Our history of results

Our reading director, Steve Tattum, has been training educators and teaching kids to read for over 40 years. In 1998, he took all that experience and created the Tattum Reading Program. LearnUp is replicating his methodology and scaling his success with students and schools in the Bay Area.

LearnUp outcomes are in line with the historical outcomes of schools, learning specialists, and tutors using the Tattum Reading Program (also known as F.A.S.T.) Despite the different names, they are the same innovative approach, curriculum, methodologies, and materials. The research cited below was conducted on both the Tattum Reading Program and the F.A.S.T. Program.

Michigan Five Year Study Shows Amazing Reading Growth +

Michigan Five Year Study Shows Amazing Reading Growth -

Implementation of a Reading Intervention Program: Internal Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis

By Derrick R. Fries, Eastern Michigan University, Tom Harwood and Greg Johnson, Grosse Pointe Public School System

Synopsis: The results of a five-year study show that students who used the Tattum Reading Program (a.k.a. F.A.S.T.), who were initially performing below expectations in reading, made substantial reading gains during the time they were in the program. Moreover,  they made reading gains more often associated with students who were not identified as struggling readers. Students in the study showed unexpected strong growth on the Michigan Educational Achievement Program (MEAP) tests.

Denver Students Make Significant Reading Gains +

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