The Matt Garcia Foundation is hiring reading tutors in Vallejo, CA for Summer 2024

Become an In-Person Tutor for the Libraries Leading to Reading Summer Pilot ProgramLocated at the John F Kenney Library
505 Santa Clara St. Vallejo, CA 94590
Accepting applications and hiring on a rolling basis through May 31, 2024

The Matt Garcia Foundation was established to carry on the vision of the late Fairfield City Councilman Matt Garcia. Matt believed that children of all ages and backgrounds should have the support and opportunity to thrive. The Foundation strives to build strong foundations of support so kids can reach their potential.

The Solano County Library is dedicated to bringing quality programs and services to our community. We understand the power of reading and look to set kids on a path to success through high quality tutoring.

LearnUp is a nonprofit on a mission to reach and teach struggling readers in every community to read with confidence using our fast and proven structured literacy program.

Are you interested in changing lives? Teach a kid to read.
Solano County Library and the Matt Garcia Foundation are partnering with LearnUp to deliver in-person reading tutoring.

Prospective candidates will be trained in the LearnUp Structure Literacy program--which can teach anyone to read.

Teaching reading is a great part-time job for students of all majors and backgrounds.

Tutor Qualifications

Key characteristics of a successful tutor.
Must be 18 years or older.
We are looking for candidates who:
-- Have linguistic gifts (be able to say your alphabet sounds/phonics cleanly)
-- Can mirror a teaching session (we give you a short lesson and you have to teach it back to us!)
-- Good with kids (strong youth development history such as babysitting, youth groups, etc)
-- Reliable (and be available at the same time, five days per week, M-F at the same hours)
-- Strong online skills
-- Strong administrative and writing skills

All tutors will receive the full training in LearnUp’s Structured Literacy reading program.

Visit LearnUp's website at to learn more.

This position will be on-site at Solano County Library between 10am-2pm or 2pm-6pm.
We tutor every day Monday through Friday. We don't typically tutor on the weekend.

Note on Pay
Tutors will be paid $17/hour and receive a 1099 form from the Matt Garcia Foundation. Throughout the program, tutors will receive 2 stipends one after the completion of training approximately $510. The second stipend will be paid at the end of the tutoring program approximately $1,700.00.

Hiring process
LearnUp will train qualified Matt Garcia Foundation tutors in the LearnUp reading program. The training course will be 2-3 weeks.

To become a tutor, you must successfully...
Complete the training
Demonstrate competency in the program

HR requirements for tutors
Pass/Clear Livescan and personal Background Check  

You do not need to be an education major (or have a college degree) to be a successful tutor!

Learn more about LearnUp
Visit the LearnUp website at to learn more about the structured literacy programs.

Fun Fact!
Your major or educational background is not the most important qualification. Many of our tutors are science majors, most are undergrads. It is important that you can meet the top four tutor qualifications: linguistically gifted, can learn to teach the program, good with kids, and super reliable.

How to apply
Accepting applications and hiring on a rolling basis through May 31, 2024
Send your resume and a short (1-2 paragraphs) cover letter to:

In your cover letter:
1. Tell us who you are and why you want to be a Solano County Library Tutor.
2. Tell us about your background in working with kids or teaching others.

Reach out to